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Brian Ragusin Taking The Next Step

Yes! After 20 years in the tattoo world I will finally be taking the plunge into the next level of the tattoo industry, by opening a brand new tattoo studio. Let me introduce everyone to Mechanical Concept Tattoo in Huntington Beach, CA.

Before that, let me say Thank You for the last 10 years of tattooing (5 at the Anaheim Tattoo Shop and 5 at the Long Beach Tattoo Shop) for Kari Barba and Outer Limits Tattoo. It has been an exceptional experience from both an artistic standpoint and for the business of being a tattoo artist and contractor serving the public. The years have been full of exciting clients, lots of fun, good laughs, and great tattoo artists. Artists such as Mikey Vigilante, Geary Morrill, Trevor Kennedy, Shay Bredimus, Paul Black, Erika Moser, Tiffany Garcia, Yvonne La, Jeremiah Barba, Billy Sarno and of course the very well-known Kari Barba to name a few. But, as all of us have to do in our lives... sometimes you have to make those tough decisions to keep growing in a positive forward direction for your family's future as well as your own. Times with the Outer Limits Crew will be missed, but I definitely wish good luck to each one of them, on their own personal journeys.

Now.. Let me give you the proper introduction to the soon to be and currently in construction tattoo shop in Huntington Beach, California. Mechanical Concept Tattoo

Mechanical Concept will be in California State compliance with the new AB300 laws effective July 1st, 2012 for the tattoo industry; as well as compliant to the Health Standards of the Orange County Health Department. We, like you, want to be safe and will always look out for our clients' safety through these new laws put in effect by the higher powers that be. Mechanical Concept will always be looking out for any other safe practices that we might learn from, in other body art oriented industries such as the APP, which is a leading association in safe body modification/body piercing practices.

The artists at the tattoo studio want to bring you an enjoyable experience on as many levels as we possibly can. With relaxing and comfortable music to keep you calm, luxuries like televisions to keep your brain occupied during the rough spots, A/C for those miscellaneous hot days in Huntington Beach, and simple things like the ability to buy an aftercare product of your choice before you leave the tattoo studio. For our existing clients that we have tattooed over the years in Long Beach you will be happy to hear that we have a convenient parking lot... that's FREE!!.. right outside our door. The shop location is so easy to get to and takes only a few minutes of driving towards the beach off the 405 freeway.

Our website is still a bit under construction at the moment, but we will be posting special events to encourage support for our community, and research foundations that are always in need of our public support. Mechanical Concept Tattoo will also be inviting for you, a wonderful array of guest artists from all over the world from such places as Italy, Canada, Oregon, Germany and more. We want you to be able to experience tattoo artistry from all over the world without having to leave our awesome state of California.

There are so many things to share and talk about when we get closer to the grand opening which right now we expect to happen in early August. We will let you know the opening date as soon as we get a touch closer.

Until then don't be afraid to have a look at our website ( where we'll be adding information about each of the talented artists who will be joining the crew, where you can find other important answers to your tattoo questions and facts to help with your tattoo healing and aftercare... or where you can secure your spot as one of the first in line and contact us for a pre-booking of appointments now!

  Thank you ..
Brian Ragusin            

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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
6027 Warner Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
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