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Tattoo Shop In Huntington Beach Is Coming Along

  Just a little update on the tattoo shop to be, in Huntington Beach, Mechanical Concept.

The build up for Mechanical Concept Tattoo and Art Gallery is coming along nicely. We have passed 3 of our building inspections to make sure everything is built properly and to code for Huntington Beach. We have a couple more inspections to go through and a few more things to take care of, but we are extremely excited for anyone and everyone to come and check us out as soon as we are open. We hope you will like the layout and comfort that we are trying to bring to our clients for their tattoo experience. The paint will be up on the shops walls, by the end of the week. Then it's on to the finishing touches with moldings and furniture.

Meanwhile, Billy Sarno and I (Brian Ragusin) have been cranking out some beautiful new tattoo work at our temporary location. As always we enjoy getting our clients in the chair for their custom tattoo and having some good laughs with as the hours tick by.

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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
6027 Warner Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
Credit Cards Accepted