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The Official First Tattooing Day in Huntington Beach

Today, August 11th 2012 was the official first tattooing day in Huntington Beach at Mechanical Concept. It was absolutely a fantastic day full of clients, friends, and family stopping by to see the shop kick open it's doors to the public. With as many people as we had walking though the door to check out the new comfortable atmosphere we have tried so hard to achieve, we got to work doing what we love doing the most... tattooing. Getting into the tattoo shop in Huntington Beach and finally being able to pick up our tattoo machines to start creating beautiful works of art was absolutely perfect. It felt as easy and fluid as any moment tattooing has ever been in our careers. We are looking forward to getting more people coming in and having us work hard for their business. To help them create their ideas into beautiful visions in the skin and make them apart of our tattoo family for years to come. If you have a friend, family member, or even have an idea yourself, make sure you tell them that there is a new tattoo studio in Huntington Beach. A shop full of artists that will work hard to bring their ideas to life.

The MCT Family would like to throw out a big thank you to everyone for coming by to see us today and the days to come

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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
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