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Tattooing in Huntington Beach at Mechanical Concept Tattoo

We are coming close to the first full week of Mechanical Concept Tattoo opening it's doors to the public. With our tattoo machines humming their delicate music from 10am-9pm everyday, we have created some stunning tattoo designs for our clients. The feedback we have been recieving from everyone has been spectacular, from the art skills we are offering, the ease of being able to find us in Huntington Beach, to the atmosphere we have created for everyone to enjoy and be comfortable in. The MCT family is extremely happy to be making new friends and are looking forward to making more friends during all the hours of tattooing to come. So.. what are you waiting for? Isn't it your turn to do a little something for yourself this summer? Give us a call: (714)841-2161 and line up a consultation now or call to see when we can fit you in that day.

Here are a few pieces of artwork from Billy Sarno and Brian Ragusin that were worked on this week..

Heart Tattoo Design
Rose Tattoo Design
Flower Tattoo Design on female leg
Demon Head Tattoo in Huntington Beach
Alice in Wonderland

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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
6027 Warner Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
Credit Cards Accepted