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TATTOOS...TATTOOS...TATTOOS..Tattoos are all we have been able to do these past 10 days! Brian has barely had any time to do some of the finishing touches to the tattoo shop, but he is still getting things done around here none the less. Not only has the Huntington Beach tattoo scene been pretty spectacular for us, but people coming from surrounding cities such as: Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Orange, etc., have all been giving us the opportunity to show them what we can do for them. We have really enjoyed meeting all the new people and appreciate everyone that has been coming into the tattoo shop with their questions, and tattoo ideas. Getting to sit down, take the time with our clients, talking about the images they have in their minds, and coming up with a strong understanding of what it is just one of the things we enjoy doing for out clients. We can hardly express how great it is to be of help to everyone..

The tattoos that have been coming out of Mechanical Concept Tattoo in Huntington Beach have been putting smiles on our clients faces from ear to ear. Usually followed up with words such as "That's So Beautiful, , Awesome, Unreal, Sick, That's Amazing", and OUR favorite one to always here, "Thank You". It definitely tells us the hours we spend drawing and thinking of each clients tattoos are appreciated.

We look forward to our returning clients, as well as the new ones in search of creating their own personal masterpieces.

So, get on the phone now and see what all the buzz is about, make a consultation NOW.


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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
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