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HB Tattoo Shop Mechanical Concept Tattoo Update

Mechanical Concept Tattoo is a Tattoo shop that is proud to be opening in Huntington Beach, late July 2012. Huntington Beach Tattoo shop Mechanical Concept Tattoo is still cranking out the hits for everyone that has been coming in to get tattooed. There are some super fun, awesome, beautiful tattoos being created here at Mechanical Concept Tattoo.  Billy Sarno is doing some extremely talented work these days, it's hard not to take a break and watch what's going on.  Finessing a beautiful Gypsy Head Cover Up Tattoo, hiding a Tribal Tattoo that was no longer wanted by the client.  Getting rid of that much black and making it look like the Gypsy Head belonged there in such a distinct place on the body (upper outside bicep) is no easy thing to do. Billy was inventive enough to cover 90% of it and utilize a portion of it as decoration for the Gypsy Head's Bandana.  Billy also suprised us with the amount of style he put to a Whale Tattoo on an inside bicep the other day.  Such a powerful use of black with accents of blue water and pink flowers to keep it fluid and soft with the body..

Brian Ragusin has been helping push the client's ideas to make sure they get everything they ever wanted in their tattoo.  Recently doing a portrait of Danny Devito's  "Penguin" character from the movie, "Batman Returns" on a chest.  He really captured the single frame that was taken from the movie itself. We even heard that a bartender loved his tattoo so much, they comped him several beers up to his room later on that night.. How cool is that! Tattoos get you free beer! Brian also got to work on a cool little cover up on an ankle.  A bright and colorful Peacock Feather Tattoo that was covering a tattoo that had seen better days.  Brian and his client had some great laughs and nothing but smiles with the end result.

We have to say, it's pretty easy to enjoy our days here in Huntington Beach at Mechanical Concept Tattoo with our clients letting us know they appreciate the idea behind our studio, from the smiles when you walk in the door, our attention to details while they describe their tattoos, and the comfortable relaxing atmosphere that we all seem to enjoy.

Definitely don't forget we are doing our "Breast Cancer Fundraiser" Saturday, October 13th.   We are really looking forward to it and we hope you are to.. Spread the word..

Here are a couple of new photos of the tattoos mentioned above from both, Billy Sarno and Brian Ragusin.

HB Tattoo Shop Mechanical Concept Tattoo Artist Billy Sarno HB Tattoo Shop Mechanical Concept Tatttoo HB Tattoo Shop Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Tattoo Shop Mechanical Concept Tattoo

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