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Tattoos And Fun At Mechanical Concept Tattoo

The month of October was a spectacular one over here at Mechanical Concept Tattoo.

Breast Cancer Ribbon

We had our Breast Cancer Fundraiser October 13th, which was such a great event for all of us that paticipated. We really didn't know what to expect since this was our first Fundraiser any of us had ever been apart of. First thing that morning before the shop opened at 10am, Brian and Billy were laughing in anticipation at the line of people that were already waiting at the door. Those two were just hoping that they were ready to keep up a good pace for a long fun filled day of tattooing with the line already building up outside.

With Change of Pace Cakes set up in the front to hand out some delicious Pink Champagne Cupcakes for anyone that wanted one, we opened the doors to let the fun begin. It really was a good time too, meeting all of the people that had friends, family, or were personally affected by Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is always a serious threat and to see people still keep on smiling, is very inspiring.

Shay Bredimus and Mikey Vigilante showed up shortly after 10am that morning. After some friendly greetings for our friends, they got familiar with their surroundings and started in on the tattoo action with us. They helped us out for most of the day, making sure all of our clients left with a smile on their face. A bit later in the day Tiffany Garcia came in to bring us a whole new set of laughs and got to enjoy doing a few tattoos as well. We really appreciate all of them (Change of Pace Cakes, Tiffany Garcia, Shay Bredimus, Mikey Vigilante for giving us a hand and helping us tattoo some goodness on everyone.

Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Mechanical Concept Tattoo Mechanical Concept Tattoo's good friend Mikey Vigilante Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Mechanical Concept Tattoo
Billy Sarno at Mechanical Concept Tattoo Mechanical Concept Tattoo's Good Friend Shay Bredimus Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Mechanical Concept Tattoo

October has been a great month for our non fundraiser clients as well. We have had our Halloween Discount going on for most of the month and there are a few pieces that are in the works because of it. We are looking forward to showing you the pieces as soon as we can.

We have had a chance to finish up a few pieces during the month, so we wanted to share a couple of those photos as well...

Geometric Tattoo Design By Brian Ragusin Elephant and Peacock Feathers Tattoo by Brian Ragusin

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