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Tattoos And The New Year 2013

Holy Cow!! Tattooing in the year 2013 is upon us!

We can't believe how fast time is going by! It seems like just a few months ago we were just opening our doors and getting the momentum going to show people what we are all about. Now it's already time to start writing 2013 on everything and bringing everyone even more fun at MCT! Brian is laughing at himself, knowing it's going to take him 2 months to stop writing 2012 on everything! A common mistake for a lot of us when the year changes, but you can still call him a Dork if you want to.

We are already looking forward to what tattooing in 2013 has in store for us. We are planning on getting the crew from the shop back out into the tattoo convention circuit this year with local and other national conventions. The tattoo conventions we are looking to be apart of are, Hell City in Arizona, Central City Tattoo and Arts in Santa Maria California, Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival in Calgary Canada, and possibly Musink in Costa Mesa California. We don't have every tattoo convention confirmed yet, but we will let you know which ones and others that we will be apart of on our blog page in the near future.

Message from Brian:
I personally wanted to say thank you to everyone that has come to Mechanical Concept Tattoo in 2012 and let us be apart or your tattoo experience. I can honestly say that Billy and I have had such a great time with each one of you, with some friendly laughs, lots of fun stories and working on great tattoo ideas. We look forward to more great times with everyone, more awesome tattoos, and unfortunately just a little pain on the side (sorry we can't make it less) for 2013. I will be doing everything I can to keep your experience at MCT as comfortable and easy as possible for the months to come. Again, Thank you all!

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