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Tattoos, and What's Happening in Huntington Beach

Are you ready to check out more tattoos and news from the Huntington Beach Tattoo shop, Mechanical Concept? Good... We have news to share and show new tattoos you we have been trying to get done.  Both, Billy Sarno and Brian Ragusin have been able to finish up a few tattoos this month as well as get a few healed photos. So check them out below when you get the chance.

We have another guest artist lined up to come out in May sometime. The details are still being worked out, since he is trying to arrange it around the New York City convention.

Shunho Horitoshi Family

Our guest artist for May is an artist name, Shunho from the Horitoshi Family. Shunho is coming all the way from Japan to tattoo with us for 5 days.  Not only are Shunho's tattoos amazing and beautiful, but  Shunho tattoos in the traditional Japanese style called,
"Tebori".  An amazing tradition from Japan that has carried on for centuries.  Make sure you have a look and we will get you the info soon to line up an appointment with Shunho..  "Click for Shunho's Website"

In more local news, we have the Huntington Beach Marathon going through the downtown area this Sunday.  We know what you are thinking... It's on Super Bowl Sunday!  We believe it's going on in the morning time, so you still have a chance to take part in it and be home in time for the Super Bowl Game with the San Francisco 49ers VS. Baltimore Ravens at 3:30 PT. If you are in going out to watch the Super Bowl, you really might want to think about heading over to "The House of Brews" in Huntington Beach to check out the game.  House of Brews has a couple of raffles going on during Super Bowl, and your favorite tattoo shop in Huntington Beach has, not one, but two Gift Certificates being raffled off.

Tattoo by Billy Sarno
Flamingo on Microphone

Tattoo by Billy Sarno
Indian Fox Hat Tattoo

Tattoo by Brian Ragusin
Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo by Brian Ragusin
Grandpa_Sarno Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo by Brian Ragusin
Flower Fixing Tattoo

Tattoo by Brian Ragusin
Mandala Tattoo

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