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Guest Tattoo Artists You Don't Want To Miss

Mechanical Concept Tattoo in Huntington Beach is proud to announce that we have several upcoming guest artists! The first of them will be Shunho, who is coming to Huntington Beach all the way from Tokyo! Tattoo Artists in Japan belong to “families” and Shunho is from the Horitoshi Family of tattooers. This is a very rare opportunity for anyone in the Orange County area because, Shunho tattoos in the traditional Tebori style. The outline is done with a machine but the colors are hand‐poked with steel needles designed and approved by Master Horitoshi. This method has been used for tattooing in Japan since the late 18th or early 19th century and it is unusual to find anyone in America, let alone southern California, who can do it. Being tattooed this way seems very different to us in the states, but those who have Tebori tattoos agree that it’s actually a quiet, relaxing experience. You will definitely be the only one of your friends who can say that they have a traditional Japanese tattoo. Lots of friends of MCT are already hitting him up for some time while he’s here. Shunho will be available for appointments at MCT from May 29 through June 2. If you would like to look at his beautiful work contact him to set up an appointment, here is a link to his website and his Facebook page:

Shunho's Website

Shunho's Facebook

The best thing about having Guest Artists work with us is that you, as the client, are able to access artists that are from completely different places, without needing to travel to their normal locations. It is also fun for the crew to be inspired by different artistic points of view and have some new energy in the shop.

Since MCT is normally staffed by men, the next set of guest artists will definitely bring a different, female energy in for a few days! We will have both Cory Capelli and Emily Sloman available for appointments in June and July. Cory Capelli is visiting us from Berlin, Germany, and will be stopping by after her appearance at the Ink n Iron Tattoo Convention on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Cory’s work is reminiscent of old school tattoo design, but with a fun, modern edge. If you have no immediate plans to travel to Germany, this is the perfect time to pick up a new piece from her while she’s in Huntington Beach. If you are not able to book an appointment with Cory at the convention, or if you would rather not spend the extra money to buy a ticket and deal with parking, come see her at MCT instead. We have free parking, and movies to enjoy while you are being tattooed, with the same ocean breezes (at no extra charge!). Here are the links to Cory’s website for a look at her work, and her Facebook page so you can contact her about booking an appointment:

Cory's Website

Cory's Facebook

Emily Sloman will be the next artist visiting, and although she is from the US, she is based in Maryland where she normally tattoos at a shop called Have Fun Be Lucky. She will be at MCT from July 23 to July 28. This is her first trip to Mechanical Concept Tattoo so please help us make it worth her while! Emily does stunning black and grey tattoo work, and has a gift for very realistic looking images. This is a great opportunity to book some time with Emily, since you would normally have to plan a trip to the farthest reaches of the east coast to meet up with her for a tattoo. If there is a portrait you have always wanted, she would be a great choice to make it a reality for you. Here is a link to Emily’s facebook page so you can check out her work and contact her for an appointment while she’s here:

Emily's Facebook

Of course, you can always e‐mail Brian Ragusin (at to find out how to get in touch with any of our upcoming guest artists. We are thrilled to have so many friends coming out to see us this year, both so we can have fun working with them at the shop and enjoy their company; but also so you can get the full benefit of the talented people that we know. We never book anyone that we haven’t either checked out thoroughly or personally know, so you can have every assurance that you’ll be getting the best work available from people you might not normally have known about. Although all of us at MCT definitely appreciate the loyalty our clients have shown for both Brian and Billy during our first year in business, we’re happy to share these artists, our friends, with you. As always, you can count on us for a positive, relaxing experience in the shop and a super clean tattoo that perfect strangers will stop you to ask about! This is just the beginning, so please keep in touch with us and look out for more updates when we have new visiting artists to tell you about.

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