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Orange County Welcomes Guest Tattoo Artists

We are so lucky to have so many guest artists visiting us this year at Mechanical Concept Tattoo in Huntington Beach to share their talents with you. Last week was packed full of awesome tattoos and a lot of fun with our guest artist from Tokyo, Japan, Shunho of the Horitoshi family. Getting to watch Shunho tattoo with his Tebori style tattooing was pretty exceptional. He taught us some interesting things about the traditions of Japanese tattooing and several people were able to get work from him during his visit. Everyone here at Mechanical Concept Tattoo really had a great time with Shunho and we look forward to seeing him again next year, or sooner if he finds the time. Keep an eye on our blog and we will let you know when he will be back again.

The FUN and TATTOOS don't stop there!!

Cory Capelli
Time is flying and we are already welcoming our next guest artist at MCT. This is another great opportunity for our clients because she is also from another faraway part of the world. Next week we have a very talented artist, Cory Capelli from Berlin, Germany, coming to tattoo with us from June 10th to the 14th. Since she is not here in California very often, now is a great chance for you to acquire a new piece from an artist who is normally across the Atlantic. Cory is an awesome person and a cool lady to be around, which will ensure a fun time while you sit down with her to get tattooed. Cory's tattoos are done with such a clean straight forward look to them, starting with precision line work, solid color/shading, and great color theory to top it off. All while being backed up with a cool twist to the style of of tattoos that she does. Check out her work online and you will see that once again, Mechanical Concept Tattoo offers only the best artists available for our clients. We really recommend that you don't miss the opportunity to come by and meet as well as get tattooed by Cory while she is out here.

Cory's Website

Cory's Facebook

We're sure her time will be taken up, so please book an appointment with Cory Capelli Cory Capelli NOW!!

Call: (714)841-2161

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