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Baltimore Invades Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop

Cory Capelli
Baltimore invades our Huntington Beach tattoo shop! Mechanical Concept Tattoo is welcoming our latest guest artist, Emily Sloman. She is coming out to tattoo in California for the very first time and will be available for appointments from July 23 through July 28 at MCT. Emily is a sought-after artist from the East coast and we are completely honored that she is coming to visit us for a few days. It is so much fun to have visiting artists that we can all learn from as well as a great opportunity for our clients to have access to unique talent. Emily is a resident tattoo artist at Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo in Baltimore, Maryland and she has 14 years of experience. Most artistic people have interests in many different areas and in addition to tattooing, Emily has studied everything from anatomy to stained glass and also draws in charcoal. She has a great eye for realism with such subtleties that really make her tattoos stand out. You can see examples of her work on facebook or the Have Fun Be Lucky website (and prepare yourself to be impressed!). If you were interested in a high quality artist for a realistic or portrait tattoo, she would be a great choice for you. Emily still has a some availability while she's in town, so please come over to MCT soon or give us a call at the shop and set up your appointment before she is completely booked!

Cory Capelli

Emily's Website        Emily's Facebook

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