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An Amazing Summer in Huntington Beach

WOW!! What an amazing summer it's been this year in Huntington Beach at Mechanical Concept Tattoo!

With all the super creative ideas that we have had the opportunity to create into genius pieces of art, things have been out of control! We definitely enjoy the challenge and opportunity everyone has been given us to create their artwork. Don't think we are stopping there tho, because we are still full of energy to make this Fall and Winter a spectacular one. Make sure you take a few minutes to check out the photos below of some of the new work or work in progress.

This summer we had a few amazing guest artists from all over the globe. We started off with Corey Capelli from Germany after she enjoyed working the Ink and Iron Tattoo Convention in Long Beach. Shunho Horitoshi from the Horitoshi Family in Japan came and showed us the traditional Japanese form of tattooing; Tebori. Shunho will actually be coming back to Mechanical Concept Tattoo in October from October 23-28. Our most recent guest artist was Emily Sloman, who is such a talented artist we actually tried to convince her to move to California and come work with us. If you didn't get a chance to get tattooed by one of these artists, we will be trying to get that back out again soon. We have such a great group of friends that do beautiful tattoos and we will make sure to keep you informed when more are coming.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our site in October to take apart of our Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.

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