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Attention Huntington Beach Tattoo Peeps!  We will be having one of our favorite guest artists, Cory Copelli, in town the first week in June!  Cory is coming to tattoo with us at Mechanical Concept Tattoo from June 1st-June 5th  We always love our visits from this talented German, because Cory does amazing work with a bit of an updated Traditional flare.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great tattoo from one of Germany’s finest!  Call us today to help schedule you an appointment.

  Mechanical Concept Tattoo Artist Brian Ragusin has been out and about this last month with a trip to Canada, visiting Calgary for a guest spot at Strange World Tattoo, as well as visiting Edmonton for the Tattoo and Arts Festival.  Both spots were super busy, lots of fun, and full of amazing tattoos to be done.  Make sure to check out our Instagram page to see a couple of the pieces done at the convention, as well as some of his friends he got roped into cooking dinner for.  If you don’t know, Brian dabbles in the cooking world a little bit and isn't too bad at it.  So if you can corner him into cooking for you after a tattoo session, go for it!

  We will also be saying goodbye to one of Mechanical Concept’s crew that has decided to adventure out in the world to tattoo with some other great friends in our industry.  L the Artist will be moving on as of June 1st and we will be wishing her luck on her next endeavor, with lots of love.  We will miss all of the laughs and all of the good times we had.

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