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MCT in Huntington Beach Welcomes A New Tattoo Artist

As many of you know, Brian Ragusin has been training, teaching, mentoring, and artistically pushing a talented young man to becoming a tattoo artist. His name, Chas Findley. After great dedication to this wonderfully fulfilling craft, Chas found out very quickly during his apprenticeship that tattooing is not the “Cool” lifestyle that most people think it is. Instead it’s a business of art that is brutal in its opinions, hard on ones self esteem, long hours of relentless drawings, countless phone calls with clients, with even more work behind the scenes to just get a client tattooed. He has worked his ass off as an apprentice and now it’s time to reap the benefits of all the hard work. As of November 1st of 2015, Chas Findley will be tattooing full time professionally. He has earned his stripes and his talent is to the level that Mechanical Concept Tattoo values it's Tattoo Artist's to be. Way to go Chas! So if you know him, see him, or just appreciate his effort, make sure to let him know.

Summer may be over, but the tattoos keep on coming. You guys and galls are coming up with some really amazing and fun ideas for the tattoo artists at Mechanical Concept Tattoo to work with. We have been getting requests for such things like realistic rose tattoos, buddha tattoos, monster tattoos, and cover up tattoos from people all over Huntington Beach, Orange County and even surrounding states! We really like that people are taking advantage of our tattoo artists drawing skills and letting us come up with some really brilliant art to adorn their skin.

A few pieces we have been working on lately:

Cover Up Flower Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Wing Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Traditional Eagle Dagger Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Tiger Ram Yin Yang Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Sparrow Sacred Rose Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Pretty Tattoo Design  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Pin Up Girl Tattoo Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Peone Butterfly Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Koi Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB Acoustic Guitar Tattoo  Mechanical Concept Tattoo HB

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