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Are ranking sites like Yelp really helping you?

Here at Mechanical Concept Tattoo we do a lot of crazy cover up tattoos, and repair a lot of tattoos that weren't done to the clients satisfaction. Usually by an artist they randomly picked or possibly even found on a site such as Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. During our client interactions, we have noticed a question that has been brought up a little more often these days , "How do I pick the right tattoo artist for me?", or "I saw their reviews were good, but ended up with this pile of poop”. We definitely understand how this is an important and nerve racking decision for anyone that is wanting to get tattooed. With all of the mass media sites, the amount of local tattoo studios or ranking sites out there on the World Wide Web, it can be misleading, become an overload and eventually a rash decision out of frustration or lack of knowledge of what to look for. So, we thought we might try and help make this a little easier with some of the simple foundations to look for while window shopping.


We all know that sites such as FACEBOOK, or YELP are the easiest way to find anything near you. Telling you what other people have ranked businesses, raved about, or complained about. With these sites it no longer has to be "Word of Mouth" to drive business, and every small business in the world is extremely grateful for such sites to help put their business at a convenient reach for the public, but they can be a little misleading. There are commonly a few problems that sites like these can inspire. We all get so caught up in the reviews that we forget or don't know to check for the most important part...The Art! Asking ourselves, “What do their tattoos look like? Do they have sufficient samples of their work?“ Instead it focuses on the happiness, satisfaction, attitudes, the disfunction of someone's experience, etc. This is not information to discard by any means. What the absolute focus should be, so you get the quality tattoo you are looking for is: the art, then the artist, and then the studio. So take these sites with a grain of salt.


There are so many styles of tattoos, and within those styles, an artist could even have their own interpretation to that type of art style. So how are you supposed to know which tattoo artist to pick?! Such a dramatic question I know, but it's not that difficult to really answer. We all have different tastes in art. When you look at anything in this world you either like it or you don't. Same goes for the guy or girl sitting next to you. No matter what tho, if you see something,like say a pink Cadillac driving down the road, you can either say you liked it or didn't like it. Sure, you may have wanted that Cadillac to be blue with different rims, but you liked the look of the car. The other stuff is just tailoring it to exactly what you like. Tattoos are not that much different. If you see a tattoo that makes you want to stare at it, grab the person that owns it, ask where they got it, or see it on a website and say that's cool, then you found someone that could be a possibility to get tattooed by. Just realize, that's only one tattoo you have seen from that artist. What you need to focus on next, is their body of work with tattoos. Do a little research on the artist (don’t be lazy). Look at their art and see if their other tattoos make you say, "wow", or if that was the ONLY tattoo you thought looked appealing. If that is the only tattoo you think looks cool, well, I would probably suggest their art on you isn't going to make you happy. So don't get tattooed by them.


All tattoos have to be applied the same way so they stay in the skin and look good for as long as possible. They can vary in styles, looks, or art, but a tattoo foundation is always the same. Outlines on tattoos are not easy, but not as hard as one would think to tattoo. When you look at an outline of a tattoo and you see things that look like little explosions or dots in an outline, that's usually a bad thing. Most outlines serve a purpose and should be clean and appealing. A lot of artists these days are not informing clients that there is such a thing as "Too Small". If you do a tattoo at this size, over time it will blur together and look horrible. Doing solid color or solid black is really a task in the tattoo world. Every stroke has to be consistent so it fills in every millimeter of the skin. If you are into solid color tattoos and you see colors that are splotchy and inconsistent, then it's possibly the artist isn't applying it properly. This is a big sign that they don't understand the fundamentals of how to apply tattoo pigment to the skin. Black and grey tattoos are one of the hardest to control and do in my opinion. B&G tattoos are put in affectively as one shade and heal to a shade lighter. If you see in someone's tattoos how the grey tones are all the same, or they are patchy, then this person has absolutely no idea what they are doing.

“How Much?! UHG”

Well.. Here is the hardest part to digest for all of us when we want a tattoo. The $$$. Tattoos are expensive. Yea, I know! It sucks, right? There are a lot of reasons to try to cut corners with the cost of things in life, but, tattoos really shouldn’t be one of those things. Tattoos are permanent and will stay with you longer than a $150 pair of Nike running shoes, $300 iPad, or even a $$$$$ car. Tattoos aren’t made in a factory, they are hand made and at Mechanical Concept Tattoo they are commonly designed just for you. A drawing tailored to your thoughts and ideas, so you can have an original piece of body art. It also doesn’t cost you to have things drawn, but a deposit is left to put al little honesty money up front that you are serious to get tattoos. We all know there is always a friend, that has a friend, that has a cousin’s brother’s sister’s dad that does tattoos out of a garage or even possibly come to your house for cheap. What I always wonder is, how can this EVER sound like a good idea? Would you go to a dentist that you found the same way? NO!! Tattoo artists have to deal with the same blood (gross), your blood, which needs to be dealt with in a controlled environment. Tattoo artists in California actually have to have training in Blood Bourne Pathogens, and do so many other things behind the scenes to deal with your Bio Waste that you never even knew about. Even if you have to split your tattoo into a couple/few sessions to get an amazing piece of art, you will be much happier that you made the effort.

We hope we helped out a little bit.
We believe that there are no stupid questions, so don’t be afraid to email us an ask.

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